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This package contains one of our 22oz dry aged USDA Prime T-bones. Dry aged for a minimum of 28 days in our temperature and humidity controlled cabinets, this process truly elevates our selection of USDA...
This package includes 4 - 16oz steaks of our Australian Wagyu Marbling Score 9/9 The tenderness and flavor of this ribeye is unmatched.  This truly is one of the best steaks we've ever eaten.  We...
This package included 1 (one) 16oz piece of A5 Japanese wagyu ribeye from Miyazaki.  This full-blood Japanese Black (Kuroge Washu) ribeye has a minimum marbling score of 8 (12 being the highest)  To qualify as...
Simply put, this is some of the rarest, most sought after beef in the world.  Only about 2200 cows exist that can be called Olive Wagyu.  Fed a diet that includes olives, this wagyu recently...

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